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 Open Clinic

‘Open Clinic’ is a regular activity in all the hemophilia chapters. Persons with hemophilia and parents or care givers are invited to the chapter periodically say once in six weeks or thereabout to attend ‘Open Clinics’.

Haematologists from St John’s Hospitals or doctors specialized in hemophilia would be special guests on these occasions along with physiotherapists and counselors. Colourful posters are hung inside the venue with messages pertaining to hemophilia care. To make the programme lively painting competition for children with the assistance of some corporate company is also held and prizes distributed almost to all the kids. The artist or singer or comedian among the pwhs is encouraged to exhibit his talents at the venue. At open clinics which are a real get-away for the members from the confines of their homes, they are very happy meeting their friends or catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives etc. It is a social occasion that every one keeps looking forward to.

The guest doctor addresses the participants generally about the management of the disorder bringing to their notice, may be one or two lapses on the part of patients that he has noticed while treating some cases in his practice recently. These observations may have great relevance and use for some at the meeting. Counselor also makes a few points in general on the need and how to maintain emotional health.

The members are also encouraged to raise points of doubt or speak up on any problem that is of common interest. Thus Open Clinic provides not only an opportunity to forge comradeship with fellow sufferers that gives a psychological strength to overcome the sense of despondency that is common among them, but also to gain some fresh knowledge in handling the disorder. Every one is free to avail of the services of the doctor or the physiotherapist or the counselor as the case may be on their individual problem. Factors are administered wherever necessary.

Physiotherapist Siju showing PWH’s how to wear bandages


Ms.Sowmya offering educational scholarship

S Manjunath  being awarded scholarship for his Diploma


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